• Through TDMall (Hong Kong), the company acquired 50.1% equity interests in each of Yeung & Young and Qi’s Living on 5 Oct.

  • Sydney TDMall, the third TDMall, was set sailed in the Sydney Harbour on 3 June 2020 in Australia.

  • Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 has passed a SGS’s testing with test results showing that the product meets the required standards of the relevant proprietary Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

  • The “Anti-epidemic formula 1” granules, has been approved for entry into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

  • Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited, Tianda Chinese Medicine Limited, TDMall (Group) Limited, and Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute together with national level Chinese medicine experts, jointly developed “Anti-epidemic formula 1” , carried out free Chinese medicine consultation and herbal medicines in order to support Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Hubei Province and the nation ’s anti-coronavirus action

  • TDMall (Causeway Bay), the first TDMall of Hong Kong, was grandly opened


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Bay Area Conference in the theme of “Innovate-Integrate- Develop-Share” was organized by TDMall (Group) Ltd in Zhuhai

  • TDMall opened its first flagship clinic – Zhuhai TDMall in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area


  • TDMall (China) Ltd, TDMall (Hong Kong) Ltd, TDMall Pty Ltd, Zhuhai TDMall Ltd were established

  • Acquired Zhuhai City Tonghui Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, renamed as Zhuhai Tianda Processed Chinese Herbal Medicine Ltd, to expand its TCM business (GMP certification attained)


  • The Company acquired Zhuhai Renheng Pharmaceutical Ltd to further expand in the Chinese medicine realm. It was then renamed Tianda Chinese Medicine (China) Ltd


  • SIIC Medical Science and Technology (Group) Ltd became the second largest shareholder of the Company with about 13% of its stake. Later, the Company invested in ASLAN, a R&D Specialist of Oncology Therapies, and tapped into the high-end medical area


  • The Company acquired Australian-based Cynergy Health's business


  • The Company and Tianda Group conducted asset swap again, aiming to consolidate all pharmaceutical business to the Company and moving all non-pharmaceutical business to Tianda Group. The Company then formally changed name to Tianda Pharmaceuticals Ltd


  • The Company changed name to Tianda Holdings Ltd


  • The Company and Tianda Group conducted asset swap, which included, among others, the injection of Tianda Group’s 60% stakes in Zhuhai S.E.Z. Chengcheng Printing Co Ltd into the Company in exchange for the Company’s Zhuhai lot


  • In an effort to develop mining and energy business in China, the Company and Tianda Group jointly invested in Tianda Mining (Yunnan) Limited and Tianda Mining (Gansu) Limited


  • Tianda Group injected capital in form of a lot in Zhuhai, China and became the controlling shareholding of the Company with a total interest of 50.86%


  • Tianda Group acquired 9.35% interest of the Company for the first time

  • The Company increased shareholdings of Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Ltd to 18.75%

  • The Company acquired 25% interest of Yunnan Huaning Xingning Colour Printing Co Ltd

  • The Company increased shareholdings of Yunnan Mensheng Pharmaceutical Ltd to 55%


  • The Company acquired 49% interest of Yunnan Mensheng Pharmaceutical Ltd


  • The Company acquired 12.5% interest of Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Ltd


  • The Company changed name to Yunnan Enterprises Holdings Ltd, primarily engaging in trading and investing in companies


  • Hansom Holdings Ltd listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock Code : 00455.HK