Company Profile

Company Profile

Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Tianda Pharmaceuticals”, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 0455) implements the three strategic policy objectives: development of Traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) as its foundation, development of innovative drugs and medical technologies, as well as development of high-quality medical and healthcare services. It is committed to becoming a competitive pharmaceutical enterprise and core value chain in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, TCM treatment and health management.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals forges the entire TCM industrial chain from Chinese medicine, Chinese Medicinal herbs to the application of artificial intelligence in TCM. It has established the "Tianda standard", a Chinese medicinal herbs quality control standard , and the modern Chinese medicine clinic - TDMall. As a TCM treatment and health management platform, TDMall practices TCM by adhering to the philosophy that “a great physician treats an illness before it develops”, following the treatment principle of “medication should be stopped once its efficacy shows and treatment should be centred on the patient”. Based in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, TDMall applies domestic and international strategic business plan and strives to develop into the leading brand of Chinese medicine clinic. Making full use of Internet information technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, Tianda Pharmaceuticals has built "Cloud TDMall" to implement the integration of online and offline TCM services, remote diagnosis and treatment and expert consultation, which provides a high-quality, convenient and comprehensive TCM health services for the general public, becoming a forerunner in the promotion of TCM inheritance, innovation and development.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development and latest achievements of global medical and health technology, continuously increases the research and development investment, enforces innovation, accelerates technological progress, improves product structure and service levels. It has formed a sustained competitive advantage. The company has a comprehensive product mix including Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, biological products, healthcare products, medical appliances, covering therapy areas of cardio-cerebrovascular, paediatric, flu and respiratory, as well as anti-infection, detoxification, anti-cancer and others, as well as healthcare products under the self-owned brand “Herb Valley” and “Tuokang”.

Leveraging on the Chinese market, Tianda Pharmaceuticals strives to expand the international market and build a global marketing network. The company has set up marketing centres in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China for sales and branding in the Chinese market, and supplies products across the country through distributors and retailers in various provinces and cities.

Wholly-owned subsidiaries have been established in Hong Kong and Australia, subdivision will be progressively established in the U.S. and the Europe for sales and branding in Hong Kong, Macau, Australia and around the world.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals takes the market demands as a guidance, expanding the field of medical and healthcare services. It works with high-quality partners in China and abroad, integrating advanced treatment and healthcare technologies, and building a worldwide system for health check, health management, health consultation and chronic disease prevention to meet the growing and different levels of medical and healthcare needs, and to better protect the health and well-being of general public.

“Tianda for Health!” is the corporate slogan of Tianda Pharmaceuticals, which shows the company’s continuous commitment to the passion and pursuit of health and care. Tianda Pharmaceuticals takes it as motivation, striving to become a leading pharmaceutical enterprise that sets its footholds in China while seeking to expand its presence around the world.


Vision & Mission

To become a leading pharmaceutical company based in China with footprints across the globe.

Adopt market-driven and innovative approach; follow international standards and assure quality & safety control; strengthen good management practice; value talents; enhance research and development; offer quality products.

Focus on cost efficiency and create better returns for shareholders; improve service to make our business partners more satisfied; boost up the incentive mechanism to make our employees more devoted to work.

Tianda for health! This is the corporate slogan of Tianda Pharmaceuticals, demonstrating our insatiable desire for and a relentless pursuit of health and care.