Our Business

Our Business

Production Bases

Tianda Pharmaceuticals currently has two R&D centers and production bases. One is strategically located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province and the other one is located in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

Zhuhai R&D Center and Production Base
Zhuhai R&D Center and Production Base put quality management as its top priority. Equipped with comprehensive facilities, its quality control centre has established an inspection and testing system based on pharmacopoeia standards in China, the United Kingdom and the United States. It has obtained the GMP certifications issued by both CFDA in China and TGA of Australia, promising the quality control of its production. Zhuhai R&D Center and Production Base has received various recognitions from the Chinese government and the community since its establishment. It has been awards as “Hi-tech Enterprise in Guangdong”. “Advanced Private-run Science & Technology Enterprise in Guangdong”, “Advanced Enterprise of Pharmaceutical System in Zhuhai”, “Key Enterprise Technology Centre in Zhuhai” and “Civilised Enterprise in Zhuhai”.

Kunming R&D Center and Production Base
The production facilities of advanced Iyophilized powder technology in Kunming R&D Center and Production Base has obtained the new national GMP standard. It has also been awarded “Yunnan Famous Brand Products”, “Yunnan Famous Trademark” and “Hi-tech Enterprise of Yunnan” by the Yunnan Provincial Government, whereas titles of “Kumming Well-known Trademark”, “Major Tax Payer” and “Trustworthy Enterprise” have been conferred by the Kumming Municiipal Government. It is appraised as “National Private-run Science and Technology Innovative Enterprise”, “Excellent Private-run Science and Technology Enterprise”, “Green Enterprise” and “Advanced Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Enterprise”.

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Quality Healthcare Services

Tianda Pharmaceuticals develops its quality healthcare services through its subsidiary TDMall (Group) Limited, based in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. TDMall practices TCM by adhering to the philosophy that “a great physician treats an illness before it develops”, operates its treatment principle of “medication should be stopped once its efficacy shows and treatment should be centred on the patient”; TDMall exercises strict control on the quality of Chinese medicinal materials by complying with the “Tianda Standard”. By integrating modern medical science and other innovative technologies, TDMall provides featured specialties, general TCM treatment, health preservation and health management services and establishes personalized systems for disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention along with health preservation, thereby achieving the unification of man and nature of tradition and modernity as well as of prevention and treatment in pursuit of the harmony of man and the universe.

Based in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, TDMall applies domestic and international strategic business plan and strives to develop into the leading brand of Chinese Medicine clinic. The Group made investments and established subsidiaries such as TDMall (China) Limited, TDMall (Hong Kong) Limited, Zhuhai TDMall Limited, Shenzhen TDMall Limited, Guangzhou TDMall Limited and TDMall (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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Research & Development and Tianda Products

It is the strategy of Tianda Pharmaceuticals to pursue research and development on Chinese, chemical and biotech medicines by its R&D team and cooperative efforts. By adopting this strategy, the Company keeps enriching its product portfolios with patented innovative medicines. The Company is proactive in pursuing cooperation with world renowned scientists, medical research institutions and academic organizations in order to globalize its R&D network.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals has a comprehensive product mix including Chinese medicines, chemical drugs, biological products, healthcare products, medical appliances, covering therapy areas of cardio-cerebrovascular, paediatric, flu and respiratory, as well as anti-infection, detoxification, anti-cancer and others, as well as healthcare products under the self-owned brand “Herb Valley” and “Tuokang”.

Cardio-cerebrovascular Drugs
- TCM: ZhiKang Granules
- Bio-drug: Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate Injection
- Chemical Drug: Valsartan Capsules
- Chemical Drug: Aceglutamide Injection
- Chemical Drug: Vinpocetine Injection
- Chemical Drug: Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets

Paediatric Drugs
- Chemical Drug: Ibuprofen Suspension
- Chemical Drug: Ibuprofen Suspension Drops
- Chemical Drug: Dex-pseud-Chlorpeniramine Syrup
- Chemical Drug: Ambroxol HCl Syrup

Anti-flu and Respiratory System Drugs
- Chemical Drug: Ibuprofen and Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride Dispersible Tablets

Anti-infection Drugs
- Chemical Drug: Ribavirin Effervescent Granules
- Chemical Drug: Amoxicillin Capsule
- Chemical Drug: Ampicillin Capsule

Ampicillin Capsule
- TCM: YI AN Decoction

Healthcare Products
- Healthcare Product: Qi-Shangzhen Oral Solution
- Honey Series: Super Manuka Honey
- Honey Series: Australian Pure Honeycomb
- Honey Series: Propolis Drops with Manuka Honey

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Sales & Distribution Network

Tianda Pharmaceuticals emphasizes on global marketing strategy. In China, the Company has established a sizeable marketing and sales team which coupled with distributors in various provinces and municipalities to sell its products throughout the country. The Company also formulated strategic plans for sales and marketing in China which are being implemented progressively. For global market, through HK headquarters and branches in various cities and countries like Australia or working partners, Tianda Pharmaceuticals has gradually built up an international sales team with direct sales people, coupled with distributors from different parts of the world. Tianda Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to setting up a worldwide sales network that covers major markets for the purpose of achieving its strategy in market globalization.