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【Company News】Tianda Pharmaceuticals (00455.HK): Capturing Market Opportunities, Striving to Become a Leader in Promoting Chinese Medicine Inheritance, Innovation and Development (Ta Kung Pao)


For the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, 2020 is a year of both challenges and opportunities. In combating the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese medicine has made great contributions, and its remarkable clinical efficacy has been highly recognized by countries around the world.

Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (00455.HK) adjusts and diversifies its development strategy to embody three developments namely “the development of the Chinese medicine industry as the foundation, the development of innovative medicines and medical technologies and the development of quality medical and health care services”. It is committed to being the preeminent manufacturer, operator and service provider in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has sales and distribution centers in each of Shenzhen, China and Sydney, Australia, which are responsible for international sales network expanding and branding in Hong Kong, China, Australia, and worldwide. The Company aims to build a global network, which will help it become a pharmaceutical manufacturer, operator and service provider with global influence.

According to market data, the use of Chinese medicine in the pandemic reached 91.5%, and the total effective rate also exceeded 90%. As the Chinese medicine industry has always been the core development of Tianda Pharmaceuticals, this is an important opportunity to make full use of its resource advantages and contribute in the fight against the pandemic.

At the beginning of this year, Tianda Pharmaceuticals quickly collaborated with leading Chinese medicine experts to develop a series of Chinese medicine prescriptions to combat the disease, a TCM anti-epidemic formulae namely “Anti-Epidemic Formula 1” (for prevention), “Anti-Epidemic Formula 2” (for remedy) and “Anti-Epidemic Formula 3” (for rehabilitation). Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 has already been approved for entry into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a listed medicine. It is the first TCM to be registered in a market outside of China with preventive effects against influenza and coronavirus, which means a big step forward for Tianda Pharmaceuticals’ TCM internationalization strategy.

The company also established the "Tianda Standard", which is even more stringent than the national standard to guarantee its Chinese medicine quality. At present, Tianda Pharmaceuticals builds the whole industrial chain of TCM from three major aspects, namely Chinese medicine practice, Chinese medicinal herbs and TCM artificial intelligence, and has launched TDMalls, a new style Chinese medicine clinic chain, striving to become the leading brand of Chinese medicine clinic chain. In addition, the company has created “Cloud TDMall” to realize online and offline integration of Chinese medicine services and provision of remote diagnosis and treatment and consultation services, which provides the public with quality, convenient and comprehensive TCM health services.

Going forward, the Company will follow three major growth strategies to effectively advance its business in the second half of the year. Firstly, based on the development of the Chinese medicine industry, the Company continuously improves the layout of the whole industry chain of Chinese medicine through R&D and Chinese medicine cooperation projects. Secondly, the Company will focus on patented innovative drugs and medical technologies, and seek new opportunities for growth through a variety of approaches, including M&As or collaborations; Last but not the least, the company will develop quality healthcare services. Tianda Pharmaceuticals will integrate domestic and international cutting-edge treatment and health care technologies to build a global system of health check-ups, health management, health consultation and prevention of chronic diseases.


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