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【Company News】Private Enterprise in China: Tianda Pharmaceuticals “Anti-Epidemic Formula 1” granules approved to sell in Australia (Multi-sources)


Tianda Pharmaceuticals(00455)announces its “Anti-Epidemic Formula 1” granules has been approved for entry into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a listed medicine. This will allow the Group to supply and sell Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 in Australia. The group indicates that the Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 is a preventive prescription mainly for improving people’s immune system, helping them to prevent influenza or COVID-19. Tianda Pharmaceuticals has made further plans for the product development of Anti-Epidemic Formula 1, Anti-Epidemic Formula 2 and Anti-Epidemic Formula 3 altogether to better serve the general public. The Group has opened two TCM clinics “TDMall” in Zhuhai and Hong Kong, and it will continuously seek development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau the Greater Bay Area.

Sources: ET Net, Hong Kong Economic Times

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