• 1999

    The Company acquired 12.5% interest of Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Ltd

  • 1998

    The Company changed name to Yunnan Enterprises Holdings Ltd, primarily engaging in trading and investing in companies

  • 1992

    Hansom Holdings Ltd listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock Code : 00455.HK

  • 2010

    The Company and Tianda Group conducted asset swap, which included, among others, the injection of Tianda Group’s 60% stakes in Zhuhai S.E.Z. Chengcheng Printing Co Ltd into the Company in exchange for the Company’s Zhuhai lot

  • 2008

    In an effort to develop mining and energy business in China, the Company and Tianda Group jointly invested in Tianda Mining (Yunnan) Limited and Tianda Mining (Gansu) Limited

  • 2007

    Tianda Group injected capital in form of a lot in Zhuhai, China and became the controlling shareholding of the Company with a total interest of 50.86%

  • 2003

    Tianda Group acquired 9.35% interest of the Company for the first time

    The Company increased shareholdings of Yuxi Globe Colour Printing Carton Co Ltd to 18.75%

    The Company acquired 25% interest of Yunnan Huaning Xingning Colour Printing Co Ltd

    The Company increased shareholdings of Yunnan Mensheng Pharmaceutical Ltd to 55%

  • 2001

    The Company acquired 49% interest of Yunnan Mensheng Pharmaceutical Ltd

  • 2020

    On 1 Dec, TDMall Pain Relief Centre set sail in Zhuhai.

    On 24 Jun, TDMALL Womb Care Centre Commences Operation in Zhuhai.

    On May, Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 has passed a SGS’s testing with test results showing that the product meets the required standards of the relevant proprietary Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

    On 24 Feb, TDMall (Causeway Bay), the first TDMall of Hong Kong and the second in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, was grandly opened.

    On Feb, Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited, Tianda Chinese Medicine Limited, TDMall (Group) Limited, and Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute together with national level Chinese medicine experts, jointly developed “Anti-epidemic formula 1” , carried out free Chinese medicine consultation and herbal medicines in order to support Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Hubei Province and the nation ’s anti-coronavirus action.

  • 2019

    On 2 May, TDMall opened its first flagship clinic – Zhuhai TDMall in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    At the same day, Traditional Chinese Medicine Bay Area Conference in the theme of “Innovate-Integrate- Develop-Share” was organized by TDMall (Group) Ltd in Zhuhai.

  • 2018

    TDMall (China) Ltd, TDMall (Hong Kong) Ltd, TDMall Pty Ltd, Zhuhai TDMall Ltd were established

    Acquired Zhuhai City Tonghui Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, renamed as Zhuhai Tianda Processed Chinese Herbal Medicine Ltd, to expand its TCM business (GMP certification attained)

  • 2017

    The Company acquired Zhuhai Renheng Pharmaceutical Ltd to further expand in the Chinese medicine realm. It was then renamed Tianda Chinese Medicine (China) Ltd

  • 2015

    SIIC Medical Science and Technology (Group) Ltd became the second largest shareholder of the Company with about 13% of its stake. Later, the Company invested in ASLAN, a R&D Specialist of Oncology Therapies, and tapped into the high-end medical area

  • 2013

    The Company acquired Australian-based Cynergy Health's business

  • 2012

    The Company and Tianda Group conducted asset swap again, aiming to consolidate all pharmaceutical business to the Company and moving all non-pharmaceutical business to Tianda Group. The Company then formally changed name to Tianda Pharmaceuticals Ltd

  • 2011

    The Company changed name to Tianda Holdings Ltd

  • 2021

    TDMall (Tsim Sha Tsui), the fourth TDMall worldwide and second TDMall in Hong Kong, has been opened on 9 Sep.

    On 14 Mar, TDMall(Sydney), the first TDMall of Australia and the third in the world grandly opened

    On 4 Mar, Tianda Pharmaceuticals acquires the whole technology ownership and all the intellectual rights in Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Granule