TDMall offers complimentary online Chinese medical consultation and anti-epidemic care packs to Hong Kong people


Amid the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong, Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 00455) has announced that, TDMall (Group) Limited, its subsidiary, will launch a “Together we fight the virus with free consultation and medicine” good causes campaign from March to June, offering complimentary online Chinese medical consultation and anti-epidemic health advices , along with donating anti-epidemic care packs to Hong Kong people and charity groups in need. The program aims to help Hong Kong people to prevent and fight the pandemic with quality Chinese medicine health services.

Donating Customized Anti-epidemic Care Pack Donation

At the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited and Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute worked in close collaboration with Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) experts team in mainland China to develop the TCM Anti-Epidemic Formulae series, namely “Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 (for prevention)”, “Anti-Epidemic Formula 2 (for remedy)” and “Anti-Epidemic Formula 3 (for rehabilitation)” for TDMall. During this campaign, TDMall will donate customized anti-epidemic care packs, each including an “Anti-Epidemic Formula 1 (for prevention)” for 3 days and a Chinese medicine scent sachet. The "Anti-Epidemic Formula 1" consists of 16 medicinal herbs, including milkvetch root, kudzuvine root, bupleurum, honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit and Tuckahoe. With the effects of strengthening the vital Qi and fortifying the spleen, regulating the flow of Qi and harmonizing the middle energizer, clearing away heat and draining dampness, expelling pathogens from the body and enhancing physical fitness, and boosting people’s immune system, it is a good formula for the prevention of coronavirus symptoms.

Free online Anti-epidemic health consultation and diagnosis

Simultaneously, TDMall is providing complimentary online anti-epidemic health consultation and diagnosis through its Cloud technology-based Chinese medicine platform "TDMall on Cloud" to provide flexible and accessible support from prevention, remedy to rehabilitation anytime anywhere for those requiring disease prevention assistance, or those under home stay with mild symptoms,  asymptomatic infection or cured and discharged. By scanning the QR code below or downloading the “TDMall” (天大館) app from the app store, people can make an appointment with our Chinese medicine practitioner team to receive a complimentary anti-epidemic care pack, or the prescription of “Anti-Epidemic Formula 2 (for remedy)” or “Anti-Epidemic Formula 3 (for rehabilitation)” on a fee basis based on the results of the consultation.

Mr. Fang Wenquan, the Chairman of Tianda Pharmaceuticals and the founder of TDMall, said, “Chinese medicine has played an important role in the fight against the coronavirus. In view of the severe epidemic situation, we see it as our responsibility to give back to the communities, joining Hong Kong people in the fight against the pandemic with the advantages and characteristics of Chinese medicine. We wish everyone good health and safe. Tianda for Health!”