Mengsheng Pharmaceutical donates RMB $400,000 worth of supplies to help fight the pandemic in Kunming


Recently, the global pandemic is still raging around the world, and it has been spreading across multiple cities in China, putting lots of pressures on epidemic prevention and control to the Kunming government.  

On 15th March, Mengsheng Pharmaceutical, subsidiary of Tianda Phramceuticals, took the initiative to donate RMB $400,000 worth of living and healthcare supplies, mainly including 3,000 kilograms of rice and 18,000 vials of Qi-Shangzhen Oral Solution under the brand “Mengsheng”, to the Epidemic Command Department of Panlong District, Red Cross Society of Panlong District, Xiaoba residential area of Panlong District and Yiliu Elderly Home of Guandu District through Red Cross Society of China Kunming Branch, hoping to make a contribution in the fight against the pandemic.

General Manager Ms. Wu Sujie said, “Mengsheng Pharmaceutical is located at Kumming. As a corporation which committed to promoting social responsibility, we see the needs of the people in Kunming as our top priority. We took it seriously in the past, we take it seriously now, and we will also take it seriously in the future. We will continue to make efforts on donation and see it as our responsibility to give back to the communities.”