TDMall shows its care for community through providing free Chinese medicine consultations and herbal formulations across China


TDMall (Group) Limted, a subsidiary of Tianda (Group) Limted, has always adhered to the Chinese medicine philosophy of “superior practitioner treats an illness before it occurs”. Soon after COVID-19 outbreak, TDMall together with Tianda Chinese Medicine Limited and Tianda Chinese Medicine Institute, have worked in closed collaboration with a group of TCM experts and masters including Professor Zhou Chaofan, Leader of Chinese Medicine Group of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, Professor Lu Xiangzhi, Senior Consultant of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Mr. Wang Shimin, Chinese Medicine Master, Mr. Shen Baofan and Mr. Lei Zhongyi, jointly developed three prescriptions by analyzing and deeply exploring the etiology and pathogenesis of NCP as well as combining traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice with modern pharmacological research with scientific formula and rational compatibility. Those prescriptions are namely “Anti-epidemic Formulation I”, “Anti-epidemic Formulation II”, “Anti-epidemic Formulation III”, allowing us to offer a comprehensive anti-epidemic product dedicated to its prevention, remedy and rehabilitation respectively.

Rooted in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), TDMall’s priority is to serve the people of GBA in the fight against the pandemic, it launched a series of charity campaign by providing free Chinese medicine consultation and "Anti-Epidemic Formulation I "herbs in Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau as well as free Chinese medicines and TCM herbs to Hubei and across the country. TDMall cares about people’s livelihoods, and extends its assistance as far as possible during difficult moments.